Crucial Floor Cleaning Services

For an office to make a last first impression, it must have spotless floors. Think about it, what’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a building? Likely, the state of the ground! Well, professionals in commercial floor care in Oklahoma City, OK, will have your floors looking nothing less than perfect.

Here are three essential floor cleaning services you can avail of to have the best floors around!

Strip And Wax

To begin the process, professionals apply a chemical to the floor to strip it off old wax. Typically, they use a microfiber mop to do this. Then they leave the chemical to rest for a bit. After this, the floor gets a machine scrub to get rid of the floor finish and sealers.

commercial floor care in Oklahoma City, OK

After removing all the residue and mopping the floor with water, the cleaner applies the new wax coat. The coat application takes place multiple times for a deeper shine with a guideline of at least three coats.


Burnishing is another process for achieving shiny floors, usually applied to hard floors. After a thorough cleaning of the ground to get rid of loose dirt, the cleaner performs a deep scrubbing. This scrubbing eliminates the old wax.

After that, they use appropriate burnishing tools like pad coarseness and rpm rated machines for the shiniest hard floors.

Auto Scrub And Floor Scrub

These methods make use of a machine floor scrubber to keep your floor spick and span. They are pretty similar, but the difference between the two processes is in the floors they clean.

Auto scrub is the process of cleaning several floor types, including vinyl, tile, and more. On the other hand, floor scrub only cleans hard floors.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cleaning floors, there is absolutely no space for compromise. Based on the kind of ground your office has you can choose one of these three cleaning methods. Without a doubt, they will have your floors looking as good as brand new.